Have You Seen The Bike?

Over the years we have watched advertisements on TV highlighting to drivers the fact that motorcyclists are not being seen when vehicles pull out from junctions.

Below are two adverts from the 70’s ….. the third video is the THINK video from 2008. Almost forty (40) yrs later the message is still the same.
“Look out for motorcyclists at junctions.”
It’s very easy for us, as motorcyclists, to say '”It wasn't my fault” , but, could WE have done more to ‘help’ the motorist who came out of the junction – the answer is invariably ‘Yes’.

No motorists wants to be involved in a CRASH – 99 times out of 100 they expect to see a larger vehicle (car, Bus, Lorry etc)

Watch the videos then have a look at the Poster below (closeley)  or double click on it to view it bigger and  share amongst your friends - would you have pulled out of that junction ??  THINK BIKE


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