Durham's RESPECT campaign was launched in spring 2004 to 'educate' motorcyclists. The graphics may have been updated; however the message remains the same and is still relevant:

Respect your LIFE

We all enjoy the freedom of motorcycling & most of us have family & friends who welcome the enjoyment our pastime gives us.

These family & friends also want to see you return home after a ride..
LIFE is very fragile & on a motorcycle we are very vulnerable.

We do not have the protective shell of a car body surrounding us and in the event of an accident the motorcyclist usually comes worst off.

Whilst a car would go to a body shop and get a new wing a motorcyclist ends up in a hospital or a mortuary and we cannot replace a broken or damaged limb as easily.

Please respect your own life & return home safely after your ride.

Respect your MOTORCYCLE

Motorcycles are NOT dangerous.

It is the person who sits on the bike and rides it that can make it dangerous.

The person who twists the throttle and applies the brakes is the person responsible.

Respect your motorcycle; understand its features and capabilities and it will give you the respect you earn.


Ride with courtesy & caution - it could be another motorcyclist, a car, lorry or bus, a cyclist, a pedestrian, a horse, sheep etc.

Sometimes other road users are not aware of your presence, motorcycles can make progress through traffic and 'appear'.

Think the unexpected - accidents occur between other road users.

"Your county needs you" - Please do NOT become another accident statistic.


Think about the area where you are riding and show some respect to the people who live there.

The image of motorcyclists can be damaged by the irresponsible actions of just one motorcyclist.

Riding is NOT about how fast you can go, looking in shop windows and seeing how 'good' you look, or revving your bike to see how 'nice' it sounds. These and other stupid acts carried out by a small minority of motorcyclists can spoil the good name of the vast majority of motorcyclists.

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