Wait a Second



The ‘Wait a Second’ campaign came about because of a fatal accident which happened in County Durham on the A689 Killhope, not far after the Killhope Lead Mine Museum travelling west.

It was a clear, but cold day and a small group of local bikers had gone out for a ride towards Alston and Hartside. The rider that was leading decided to overtake another motorcyclist toward the end of the straight before the climb up to Killhope Cross. He had not seen the on coming vehicle that was hidden by the dip in the road and the stone wall and carried out his overtake and hit the car head on.

The rider was killed instantly. The car driver had cuts and bruising from the impact but was suffering from shock. There was nothing he could have done to avoid the motorcycle.

When the accident investigation team were assessing the scene they took a series of photographs which included a car travelling towards where the accident had occurred. The car disappeared behind the wall in the dip and reappeared all within a second.

If the rider had waited approximately a second before committing to the overtake he may well still be with us today.

This isn’t the only incident where by if the rider had waited a second to make sure it was clear before committing to a manoeuvre that it would have saved an accident and possibly their lives.

Please ride safely and remember you only have one life!

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