Kimera to 'Rock' BikeWise 2016

KImera 2 KimeraBikeWise welcomes back KIMERA for our 2016 show.

The band have been regular visitors to the show over the years and are a local rock band from the north east with over 10 years experience covering artists such as AC/DC, Alanis Morissette, Anastasia, Blondie, Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera, Don Henley, Evanescence, Guns 'N' Roses, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Queen and many more.....
If you want to see the band before BikeWise 2016 visit their website at : http://kimeraonline.com/home/4569132306 for gig dates

Follow the band via their Twitter feed at : https://twitter.com/KimeraBand
or on Facebook at : http://www.facebook.com/KimeraOnline
Posted on 12 Jul 2016

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