Jamie Squibb Freestyle Show at BikeWise 2016

Jamie Squibb, owner & team rider of Squibb Freestyle is travelling to BikeWise from his home in Devon to perform at BikeWise 2016 on Sunday 24th July.

Jamie rides a Kawasaki KXF450, is a 3X  British Champion, has ridden all over the world and has been showing off some of the best FMX tricks since 2005.

"My riding background is I started riding at 6, I raced a bit of mx but not every weekend, I have ridden Enduro and trials, I just generally enjoy being out on bikes. I always loved jumps and by the age of 12 was in the digger building my own at home, from that point it's just progressed to where I'm at today.

My favourite thing about freestyle is the feeling you get when you learn something new and getting to ride at really cool events like Arenacross, with good friends.

The crowds definitely help loads,  they make so much noise as soon as you ride in to the arena you can feel the energy and the atmosphere, they cheer super loud for every jump which makes you want to go bigger and bigger."

To find out more about Squibb Freestyle please click on the link : http://squibbfreestyle.co.uk/

Squibb Freestyle show from crediton media on Vimeo.
Posted on 12 Jul 2016

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